What is a Partner Church?

Cancer causes one of every four deaths in the United States, and will strike one in two men and one in three women during their lifetimes. Most people either have cancer, had cancer, or know someone who has cancer. People are frightened by cancer. People suffer with cancer. People die from cancer. It is no wonder that, according to the Journal of Clinical Oncology, people with cancer grow more interested in spiritual matters as they search for hope and measures to sustain life. Sadly, almost 50% have little to no interaction from a faith community. There is tremendous demand for spiritual input and great potential for loving ministry, and that ministry can extend beyond the person with cancer to the caregiver, family, medical community, and friends.

The local church is vital to the vision and success of Freedom Cancer Foundation. It is through the local church that we believe the unmet spiritual, social, emotional, and practical needs of people with cancer can best be met, because the church exists in part to love people in these ways, and because the church is physically present in every community, making in-person interaction and support possible.

Our financial aid offers short-term immediate support, but funds are limited and ultimately insufficient for the expenses incurred by a person with cancer. Accordingly, we seek to offer a longterm lasting form of hope and support through the ministries of local churches.

Our partner churches support the vision and programs of FCF through the following:

1) Accept referrals from FCF
With their permission, we will refer people with cancer to churches, who are ready to embrace them and meet their needs through already existing church programs.

2) Reach OUT to people with cancer in their communities
People with cancer are our “neighbors”. As such, our partner churches recognize the ministry need and potential to this people group that dwells beyond their walls.

3) Share a doctrinal statement that is in line with the Niceno-Constantinopolitan Creed

Churches do not need to be a certain size and are not required to start any additional programs. To inquire further about becoming a partner church, please fill out the form provided on the right.